Sarah & Brant


Oh my sweet, Southern Sarah…we got along like long lost sisters.  She and Brant are from Louisiana and planned a destination NYC wedding.  From the beautiful ceremony at the Central Park Cop Cot to the intimate reception at The River Cafe, Tim Ryan Smith captured everything.  The entire group laughed together, cried together, told stories around the table…I felt like I was home with my own family.  It was truly a magical evening. 20120427_0086 20120427_0088 20120427_0105 20120427_0324 20120427_0476 20120427_0509 20120427_0532 20120427_0642 20120427_0693 20120427_0884 20120427_1005 20120427_1008 20120427_1012 20120427_1028 20120427_1031 20120427_1085 20120427_1296 20120427_1382 20120427_1454 20120427_1605 20120427_1613 20120427_1859 20120427_2205 Vendor Info:

Ceremony Location: Central Park Cop Cot

Reception Location: The River Cafe

Photographer: Tim Ryan Smith

Flowers: City Blossoms

Hair & Makeup: Sally LL

Ceremony Music: Venus Ensembles

Entertainment: DJ Johnny Stuart



About Sara Kate Events
Before starting Sara Kate Events, Katie pondered what to name her new company. As a child she was called Sara Kate by her family, then upon entering kindergarten, she discovered that there where too many other girls with the name Sara, and promptly changed her name to Katie. It seemed appropriate to now name her event planning company the name of her childhood, Sara Kate. And Sara Kate Events was born.

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