Megan & Danny – 632 On Hudson


I feel like I say how much I love working with all of my bride’s and groom’s, but that is a perk of my job.  I really do get to choose who I want to work with (and the choose me too!) thus I LOVE my couples!!  With that being said, I REALLY do love Megan and Danny!  They were simply one of the funniest and sweetest couples that I have had the pleasure of working with!  At the end of the evening, I felt sad because I knew I wouldn’t be seeing them as often, that is one of the unfortunate parts of my job.  I work so closely with everyone, that once the weddings over, it feels like losing a friend.

On to Megan and Danny’s wedding!  It was at the very, very unique venue 632 On Hudson.  The gorgeous photos are from the talented Kimberly Hurst. I hope you enjoy!

This is Danny…this is what I dealt with the entire day…his laughter…it was amazing!



MJ3 MJ4 MJ5 MJ6 MJ7 MJ8 MJ9 MJ10 MJ12 MJ13 MJ14


Venue: 632 On Hudson

Catering: Cleaver Co. 

Photographer: Kimberly Hurst Photography

Entertainment: DJ Gaza (James) 


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