Jackson Paul!!!!  

Just a short little post to introduce my newest little one…He is the sweetest little boy anyone could ask for.  He was born July 2nd and weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds, 9 ounces…we were more than a little surprised by that.  His sister Emma loves him (most of the time) and especially loves all the new toys that Jack brings into her life (and crib).  I am one happy, content (and pretty tired) Mommy.

About Sara Kate Events
Before starting Sara Kate Events, Katie pondered what to name her new company. As a child she was called Sara Kate by her family, then upon entering kindergarten, she discovered that there where too many other girls with the name Sara, and promptly changed her name to Katie. It seemed appropriate to now name her event planning company the name of her childhood, Sara Kate. And Sara Kate Events was born.

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