Melissa & Ken


Melissa and Ken are car enthusiasts, it’s how she was raised, it’s what he does and it’s how they met.  It only seemed fitting to have a plethora of antique cars at the wedding along with an amazing original painting of a Dusseldorf on display by Tom Hale.  It quickly became the central theme for the wedding, it influenced the colors, the favors, the flowers, everything.  4rkbA9PIIOAAmpW2Tkv08-aeB1ELKOzbxokUa9iWRR0 k6_A99zntgwWgK8R3UZlqorMxew_3pMMVgzUfxuwv7w 22LgWDVTmAEVuJhOtHdTroQANZOjB7wNejTy5EE4NLA mk2 mk1 NalXG1ViC6ZMAJ1qgbYsh4BsCk4mXWF6pRvOj0Acz3g B4RREDPn_b657q9TU90SCTPrYGm9mRfSJCiK6XYNubI FktVbpWty6wHZ1czIO2ajUtDdTatI_pfdZnApWdaK_s DiM8z0YHeOWjppWlkic_BCRZzHeq7dx5WejIZM-z-VY mk3 rxqZjm-IQ1bJrW59flAt4FgYxvPBW-hTZ6kRd-jwbAQ CqezKrLoSkfp56ssfX6GizO4zgZ0FK9mgQtc9mRii10 9xSB7fn4VWQQvablCGq8mVk6NkP93aPKBSX2aYu_XfQVendor Info:

Location: Bride’s Family Home

Caterer: Krave Caterers

Photography: Dante Williams Photography

Tent Rental: The NY Tent Company

Cake: Blue Sheep Bake Shop

Cigar Roller: NJ Cigar Events

Original Oil Painting: Tom Hale

Neha & Kashif

nk13This is the look of true love.  Neha & Kashif had this look all day.  The ceremony and reception were at the gorgeous Prince George Ballroom, which is breathtaking as breath taking totally empty as it is styled for a wedding

nk5 nk2 nk3 nk6 nk8 nk9 nk10 nk1 nk11 nk12Vendor Info:

Location: Prince George Ballroom

Photographer: 5 West Studios

Hair: Styles on B

Entertainment: DJ Suhel

Ceremony Music: Dolce Ensemble

Photobooth: Jade Photo Events

Cinematographer: NY Filmworks

Cake: City Sweets

Officiant: Shauna Kanter

Hotel: The Carlton Hotel

Style Me Pretty Feature…Erica & Dave


Sweet Erica…she was amazing to work with and beautiful too!  Her reception was at one of my favorite locations, The Loeb Central Park Boathouse and was photographed by the amazing husband and wife team at Trent Bailey Photography.  erica-dave-married-00097 erica-dave-married-00165 erica-dave-married-00951 erica-dave-married-00932 erica-dave-married-00013 erica-dave-married-00908 erica-dave-married-00931 erica-dave-married-00010 erica-dave-married-00021 erica-dave-married-00966 erica-dave-married-00094 erica-dave-married-00350 erica-dave-married-00012 erica-dave-married-00525 erica-dave-married-00595 erica-dave-married-00580

erica1 erica-dave-married-00604 erica-dave-married-00652Vendor Info:

Ceremony Location: Columbia University Chapel

Reception Location: The Loeb Central Park Boathouse

Photographer: Trent Bailey Photography

Florist: Lenox Hill Florist

Cinematographer: Milestone Video Production

Entertainment: Hank Lane 

Hotel: Hudson Hotel


Sarah & Brant


Oh my sweet, Southern Sarah…we got along like long lost sisters.  She and Brant are from Louisiana and planned a destination NYC wedding.  From the beautiful ceremony at the Central Park Cop Cot to the intimate reception at The River Cafe, Tim Ryan Smith captured everything.  The entire group laughed together, cried together, told stories around the table…I felt like I was home with my own family.  It was truly a magical evening.20120427_0086 20120427_0088 20120427_0105 20120427_0324 20120427_0476 20120427_0509 20120427_0532 20120427_0642 20120427_0693 20120427_0884 20120427_1005 20120427_1008 20120427_1012 20120427_1028 20120427_1031 20120427_1085 20120427_1296 20120427_1382 20120427_1454 20120427_1605 20120427_1613 20120427_1859 20120427_2205Vendor Info:

Ceremony Location: Central Park Cop Cot

Reception Location: The River Cafe

Photographer: Tim Ryan Smith

Flowers: City Blossoms

Hair & Makeup: Sally LL

Ceremony Music: Venus Ensembles

Entertainment: DJ Johnny Stuart



Michelle & Danny


I loved this wedding!  Michelle was beautiful and Danny was laughing all night…it was amazing!  Plus, I had the pleasure of working with Joe Craig Photography!!  0141 0144 0156 0159 0162 0180 0198 0233 0311 0329 0349 0354 0386 0405 0406 0484 0498 0581 0635 0636 1039 1041 1044 1109Vendor Info:

Venue: The Fountainhead

Photographers: Joe Craig Photography

Flowers: Arcadia Floral Company

DJ & Videographer: Jimmy Dee Music Productions

Hair and Makeup: Amanda Shackleton

Transportation: Brownin Transportation

Hotel: The Carlton