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Jennifer and Chris

For Jennifer it was all about the details!  She hand made nearly everything for her wedding and it was all beautiful.  I have included a lot of photos from her wedding because, honestly, I had a hard time weeding them out.  I loved the photographers, The Artist Group (  They were easy to work with and the photos were gorgeous!  Have fun looking at all of Jennifer’s DIY projects…

Jennifer painted each bridesmaids first initial on a wooden hanger for their dresses…I love this idea.

Ahhh…pink peonies…my favorite flower…if only they were in season year round!

These were their favors, mini wine bottles.  They were a huge hit with guests and looked gorgeous on the table.

Their wedding design was everywhere, from the menus…

to the GOBO light on the dance floor…

and the table numbers.

I just thought I’d show you all how huge I was at Jennifer’s wedding…8 1/2 months pregnant with Jackson!