Eye Candy Friday

Photo by: Dante Williams    www.dantewilliams.com

Eye Candy Friday

Every Friday I will be posting a single photo that is total eye candy.  It needs no words, but if it’s from another website or blog, I will include the link.  Eye Candy Friday is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Amanda Soule at www.soulemama.com  Check out her amazing blog.  I hope you enjoy today’s eye candy!


Jackson Paul!!!!  

Just a short little post to introduce my newest little one…He is the sweetest little boy anyone could ask for.  He was born July 2nd and weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds, 9 ounces…we were more than a little surprised by that.  His sister Emma loves him (most of the time) and especially loves all the new toys that Jack brings into her life (and crib).  I am one happy, content (and pretty tired) Mommy.

Dana and Frank

This was quite possibly one of my most favorite weddings!  It is now their one year anniversary (Happy Anniversary Dana and Frank!), and I was looking back at their photos and remembering how much fun their wedding was.  They were so sweet and the wedding, while amazingly beautiful, was so relaxed and just seemed so like them.  

Dana made the most beautiful paper products, including her gorgeous invitations!  As soon as I saw them, I was amazed by how beautiful they were and how much work she put into them.  The colors she chose were perfect and fit the laid back elegance of her wedding.

She also made all the signs.

Flip flop baskets:

Photobooth table:

Tell me, is she not the most gorgeous bride?